Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer History Camp

Description of Activivities

  • Campers will sew with a needle and thread leaves of paper as well as a cardboard cover together for the purpose of their own journal. Campers will have the opportunity to record their experiences with history during the week in these journals. Campers will be instructed on 19th century penmanship using liquid ink and a fountain pen ( wood handle with metal nib). We will work at imitating cursive writing.

Willowbrook has a hands on exhibit that includes working vintage telegraph keys and sounders for sending messages using Morse code. This was an important means of communication from the 1840s until well into the 20th century. These telegraphs depended on an electromagnet to send and receive messages over a metal wire. Our exhibit scenario is identified as a "wireless" telegraph. The famous H.M.S. Titanic was equipped with the latest technology on its maiden voyage in 1912; this included instrumentation for sending and receiving Morse code via radio signals. We use telegraphs that have been wired together, so we are actually not using the wireless technology that the Titanic used to alert other ships it was sinking; this would be extremely expensive to set up and maintain so we have simply hidden the wires connecting out telegraphs with each under the floor.  We will have some experience with sending and receiving Morse code and  Civil War era secret codes that would have been sent via telegraphs in the 1860s. Campers will build their own telegraph key/sounder using modern electronics, and they will be able to take these home with them.