Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wed. - Sun., July 27-31, 9-4PM. Timberframing Class at 19th Century Willowbrook Village

Under the tutelage of veteran woodworker and builder Ed Somers, you will learn mortise and tenon framing techniques using hand tools over five days . You will also use power tools. You will review framing styles, construction strategies, and engineering as well as measuring and scribing, and maintaining your set of tools,strategies for moving and positioning lumber of varied dimensions, and techniques in cutting precise mortises and tenons. Using rough cut hemlock, a purloin/rafter type framework for a one story 18 x 28 foot structure will be completed. It will serve as a museum workshop/classroom building at a museum in Orrington, ME where it will be raised and sheathed.

Housing is available for 4 nights and 5 days of dormitory style rooming at a century old mill house on a waterfall next to the museum. Breakfast and lunch each day of the class is also available at our restaurant. You can bring your own tools or we can provide some or all tools for you (borrow or buy). It is recommended that you at least own your own set of chisels to learn to sharpen.

Class Cost: $425 ( Scholarships Offered) ; Optional Housing Cost: $325. Five days of Breakfast and Lunch ( at the museum's Sandwich Shop): $175.

*The text Tedd Benson's Building the Timber Frame House; The Revival of a Forgotten Art should be bought be by each student, if the tuition for the class has been waived.

Contact Robert Schmick, Museum Director, at (207) 793-2784, or Email:    

Recommended Tool List:

1-inch mortising chisel
1 3/4 - 2 inch chisel
wood mallet ( class work will be to make a mallet from scratch )
4 TPI handsaw
rip saw and cross cut
framing square
utility knife 
sharpening stone
tape measure

Power tools:
circular saw
reciprocating saw
heavy duty 1/2 inch drill
Large bits


A Timberframer's Workshop/ Steve Chappell

The Timberframing Book/ Steward Elliot and Eugenie Wallas

Build a Classic Timber Framed House / Jack A. Sobon

Timber Frame Construction; All About Post and Beam / Jack Sobon & Roger Schroeder