Friday, March 27, 2015

Classes in April and May, 2015

To reserve your place in any of these classes, contact the museum director, Robert Schmick:, call: (207)793-2784, Leave a message.

Sat., April 11, 9-3PM: Blacksmithing: Make a Knife. One day class. Students learn hand forging: heating, cutting and shaping a Bowie or Puuko style knife. Filing and polishing. Heat treating with oil. Handle kits available on request. $125 

Blade by Frank Vivier

Sat. & Sun., April 25 & 26, 9AM-3PM: Blacksmithing: Sword Making This class involves forging a 24 inch long blade from spring steel over the course of two days with master bladesmith Adriaan Gerber ( $195

Sword with Purple Heart by Adriaan Gerber (Bladesmith)

Sat. & Sun., May 2 & 3, 9AM - 3PM: Patent Welded Steel Making/ Knife Making. This class is for the intermediate level student. Create a billet of steel by forge welding cable together. The product resembles Damascus steel, which is a far longer and labor intensive process to make. You will forge your billet into a knife blade with tang over the course of two days with master bladesmith Adriaan Gerber ( $195

Billets of Patent Welded Steel by Adriaan Gerber ( Bladesmith)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March, 2015 Classes

Saturday, March 14, 9-4PM. Metal Casting Class. Cast parts for that vintage machine or decorative hardware. You can even cast a bell. Two projects completed. Peter Grant of Odd Duck Foundry will be teaching this class. Learn the basics of sand casting. Learn about patterns, furnaces and metals. Peter will have a variety of patterns to choose from, including some old wooden patterns from the museum's collection. $125 Call: 207-793-2784, or email:

Sat., March 14, 10-4PM. Blacksmithing 101: Make a Knife. Students will learn some of the basics of blacksmithing. Class involves heating, cutting and shaping a knife blade and tang. Students will also hand file and sand blades. Depending on progress students may oil harden their blades. $125

Sat. March 21, 9-3PM. Antique Engine Repair and Maintenance. Under the instruction of lifetime mechanic Russ Welch, this class is hands-on. Students will disassemble several types of one cylinder engines in the collection. The engines with be cleaned and repaired. The class will also be an overview of problems relevant to these types of engines. We will look at the variety of ignitions systems/magnetos used with these engines. This is a must for the beginning hobbyist, as the class will assist you in knowing what to look for when purchasing and how to keep an engine running once you own it. Three consecutive Saturdays at one of the museum's workshops. $195 ( 18 hours).