Thursday, February 6, 2014

Traditional Arts Workshops for Kids and Adults at Willowbrook, February, 2014

Traditional Arts and Crafts Workshops for Kids and Adults  

February, 2014

  • Sat. & Sun., Feb. 15 &16, 10AM-4PM. Make Your Own Metal Casting Furnace. Tuition: Non-Members $175 Members, $165.  Minimal charge for materials. Students will create out of a cylindrical lidded tin a furnace using, black metal pipe, refractory cement, , wire, and plate steel. The furnace will be designed to be fueled by propane. The furnace will be capable of melting aluminum, bronze, and brass for the purpose of metal casting.
  • Sun., Feb.23, 1-4PM: Recycle a Button Workshop for Kids and Adults (3 Hours). Age 12 and up to participate. Tuition: $75 Non-Members, $65 Members. *Extra materials available from the instructor in a range of prices. Use your own antique buttons (or use ours*) to create original jewelry items like brooches, rings and earrings. We will use cold connection techniques such as riveting along with tradional jewelry skills to assemble one-of-a-kind wearables. Beach glass and other found ojects are welcome! Age 12 and up to participate. *Extra materials available from the instructor in a range of prices.
  •  Sat. and Sun., March 8 & 9, 9AM-5PM.  Woodworking: Create a Shaving Horse Class. Tuition: Non Members $275, Members $265.With master woodworker Fred Chellis of New Windsor Chairs in Berwick, ME. Students will learn riving, an early woodworking technique in which a froe, wedges and a maul are used to split logs into workable lumber. Shaping and fitting with hand tools will be part of the process. For those interested in making a draw knife to complement their new shaving horse, a blacksmithing class of one or two days is available on March 15/16 at a 20% discount ( see workshop description).
  • Sat., March 15, 10AM-4PM. Blacksmithing: Make Hardware. Tuition: Non-Members $125, Members $115. in this beginner to intermediate level class, students will have the choice of a variety of projects to complete with traditional blacksmithing hand tools on either a propane or coal burning forge. Projects include strap hinges, hook and eye latches, door handles, or one of the coat racks as seen in the right column of this block.

  • Sat. & Sun., March 15 & 16, 10AM-4PM. Blacksmithing: Make a Draw Knife and Other Tools. . Non-Members: $275 Members: $265. tools and materials provided. In this two-day class, shape a blade with spring steel, harden and temper. Studnets will form the blade edge and also form at each end of the blade tangs to receive wooden handles. Timer permitting, students may also complete some wood slicks (chisels) for woodworking or a choice of other edge tools with master blade-smith Adriaan Gerber.
  • Sat. & Sun., March 22 & 23, 9-5PM Woodworking: Heirloom Blanket Chest. Tuition: Non-Members $275, Members $265. Tools and material provided. Over two complete days, students will create a six-board blanket chest 24" height x 36" length x 18" width. this class is an introductory course in dove tail joint making. After completing a practice students with measure, mark and dovetail joints as well as a dado for the bottom of the chest. No nails will be used. Brass hinges will be provided.

  • Sat., March 29, 9AM-3PM. Blacksmithing/ Flint-Napping: Flint & Steel Survival Fire-Making Class, with Outdoor Cooking. Tuition: Non-Members $125, Members $115.  Create a flint and steel fire-making set from scratch. Blacksmith a striker, flint nap a striking stone, amke a char cloth, collect tinder, learn a survival fire lay, and use to make an outdoor fire. Cook some food on an open fire and ear to complete this essential class.
  • Sat., April 5, 12-3PM: Pewter Casting Jewelry for Kids and Adults (3 Hours) Age 12 and older to participate. Tuition:  $65 Non-Members, $55 Members. Learn pewter casting and create original pieces using traditional jewelry making skills. This involves melting metal and casting from molds. No previous experience required. Materials and tools provided. 
  •       (Ongoing, By Arrangement) Make a Catapult Workshop (4 Hours) Age 8 and older to participate. Tuition: $45 Non-Members, $40 Members. create a double spring projectile throwing catapult inspired by the design of Leonardo Da Vinci. The dimensions of this machine will be 24" x 12" x 12". It will involve cutting, drilling, and fitting dowels in this small post and beam construction. Tools and materials provided.
  • (Ongoing, By Arrangement) Crystal Set Radio Making Workshop ( involves wood construction) (4 Hours). Age 8 and older to participate. Tuition: $65 Non-Members, $55 Members. Believe it or not kids and their Dads, sometimes Moms, made things like radios at one time. the crystal set radio appeared in the 1920s and people continue to make this simple design using a crystal diode and copper wire. Students will assemble a kit that they will mount to an wood armature that they create in the design of one of their favorite characters or pop icons using hand tools like the Felix the Cat radio seen in the right column.

  • (Ongoing, By Arrangement) Blacksmithing for Teens (4 Hours). Tools and materials provided. We may use propane forges rather than coal forges during the winter. Tuition: $75 Non-Members, $65 Members. This custom designed workshop is for home-schoolers and teen groups of boys and girls alike who wish to learn the basics of blacksmithing and metallurgy. We will cover safety, fire-making, shaping and cutting metal. Students will complete a J-hook and an S-hook, maybe more, if time permits. Tools and materials provided.  
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